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Our all-time favourite places to take the kids in and around Lowestoft

May 6th 2016
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If you’re lucky enough to be a born and bred Lowestoftian, chances are, your childhood memories were made close to home. It’s not difficult, considering it takes half an hour to walk one end to the other. What we love about our hometown though, is its dedication to running an attraction for such a long time. We’ve grown up with these places- why not take a drive out to see if they’re still up to scratch?

1. Marina Theatre

The Marina never fails to entertain. From pantomimes and clown shows to family musicals, its old school carpets and sweetie stands are there to be cherished. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and there’s a blinking good chance you’ll shout ludicrous things at the stage.


2. Pets Corner

It’s impossible to pull into the car park of Everitt’s Park, Oulton Broad without a visit to Pets Corner. Not because it’s a top attraction, but because the kids will hear the squawking birds and become hooked on the idea of a zoo being `in there somewhere`. Alas, it is cheap, cheerful and you can buy cups of bird food to keep them busy.


3. The Broads

The perfect hangout for a sunny day, The Broads will cost nothing but a few quid in petrol (depending on where you are travelling from, of course!). Watch the boats sail by or mingle with the swans in front of the arcades.


4. Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

Thrigby Hall is such a great place for families, with various wildlife walks being held throughout the year. Our favourite is the Tiger Tree Walk, where big cats can be watched from high above in the tree tops.


5. Pleasurewood Hills

Remember tumbling around the roundabout near big Tesco, just hoping for your parents to turn off at Pleasurewood Hills? It may be twice the price since you first entered those pearly turnstiles, but the Cannonball Express is still going. The kids can even raid Woody’s pick n’ mix, provided they don’t rock that chairlift.


6. East Anglia Transport Museum

A great one for grandparents, parents and kids alike! Peek through the dashboard of a classic car or ride an old Trolleybus; we bet there is a story or two to be passed down the generations.


7. Richardson’s Family Entertainment Centre

Who doesn’t love glow in the dark bowling alleys, dance mats and curly fries? With plenty of parking spaces and no fuss meals available, it’s a good solution to a chilly weekend.


8. Adventure Island Playpark

Within the hour, you’ll know the employees by name at Adventure Island. Better still, it’s open 7 days a week and costs a little over a fiver. If playing laser tag with a bunch of pirates is your idea of fun, then spot on- because adults can play too.


9. Africa Alive

A 100 acre safari set up, complete with giraffes and free wifi for cute photo opportunities! Africa Alive is an asset to our little seaside town, and it serves its purpose well.


10. Somerleyton Hall

If you’re not in the mood for noise and bright colours, an educational trip to Somerleyton Hall is a must. That’s if the school hasn’t beaten you to it! Tell your kids of its history while breathing in the views yourself.


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