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Choosing a van (or interview with a van hire)

June 17th 2016
Category: Van Reviews

An interview with our top van hires…


We’ve clubbed together three of our best vans, the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Caddy- so they can give you advice on who is best for the job. You need superpowers to communicate with vans, so hopefully our efforts here will give you some tips when choosing your next hire.

Tell us about your design and equipment

Ford Transit: I come in a variety of styles, from panel vans to pick-ups. My safety tech is brilliant, which may shock people considering my size. For example, if you are coming around a corner too fast, my Curve Control feature will break individual wheels to stop you toppling over. I also come with Trailer Sway Control, so if you’ve got anything extra attached to me, I won’t let it go on the open road.

Mercedes Sprinter: I adapt to 4-wheel drive with a tap of a button, making it easy to transport your family, friends and possessions through course weather and terrain. I am easy on the eye, with curved headlights and a white, black or granite chassis. I am ultra-spacious inside, with elevated seating and plenty of legroom. I come with collision prevention and lane departure warning, just in case you get nervous about the little VW Golf in your rear view mirror.

VW Caddy: They say the best things come in small packages, and I am no exception! I have several infotainment options, including DAB+ radio and Bluetooth as standard.

How big is your load area?

Ford Transit: You can get medium and high roof versions of me, if you’re transporting something particularly tall. Removals with minimal glamour-yep, that’s my call. My latest model (2016) will give you between 9.5 and 15.1 cubic metres in storage space.

Mercedes Sprinter: Typically, I come with 7.5 – 15.5 cubic metres of storage space depending on model, with an easy-to-load backend.. I’m not as comfy as the Transit, but my insides are pleasing. You could say I’m an expert at short distance trips with extra baggage.

VW Caddy: My storage space ranges from 3.2 – 4.2 cubic metres. I am very easy to load and unload, having a low loading bed.

Performance and Handling. What will you do mister?

Ford Transit: I am powered by a range of three advanced 2.2 litre TDCi engines with up to 155PS and 385Nm of torque for maximum pulling power and fewer gear changes. I also drive like a car, so it’s not intimidating when you first get behind my wheel. I might not be the prettiest van out there, but it’s my dedication to comfort that makes me so popular with van drivers all over.

Mercedes Sprinter: I am powered by a range of 2.1 (95PS – 163PS) and 3.0 (190PS) diesel engines. I can also offer a 156PS engine that runs on compressed natural gas. Some of my models come with 4 wheel drive and a low-range function too, so I can drive just fine off-road and loaded!

VW Caddy: My engine is a 2.0-litre diesel offering between 75PS and 150PS depending on model, and I come with either 5 or 6-speed manual transmission. My most powerful engine also generates 340Nm of torque! I can optionally offer a DSG gearbox, which can be used in auto or quick shift manual modes. My most economical engine can make a gallon of diesel last for up to 65.7 miles.

The Verdict:

Ford Transit: With its fold-flat bucket seats, the Transit is maximum comfort. If you want a heavy van with funky style that drives like a car, this is the one for you. Great for shifting big loads over any distance.

Mercedes Sprinter: Big, beautiful and smooth, the Sprinter offers classic style and a commanding driving position. It’s a good match for the Transit as a short or long distance load lugger. However we have a long wheelbase high top version of this van, so it beats the Transit comfortably for load space.

VW Caddy: The Caddy is your small van, compact and capable of acting like a normal car. If you just want to take a few bits up the tip, the Caddy is ideal.

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